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2.4K Utility Trailer

With a good amount of muscle and a whole lot of versatility, this trailer gives you lots of options to get the job done. Its treated wood floor and open design can carry a wide range of cargo, providing versatility that covers your whole to-do list. The only thing left is to load it up and roll out.

Available Sizes

  • 6' x 8'
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2.4K utility trailer with wood floor and gate
  • GVWRGroup Copy 2?: 2,400 lbs.
  • Empty Weight: 600 lbs.
  • Payload CapacityGroup Copy 2?: 1,800 lbs.
  • Leaf Springs: 3
  • Frame: 2" x 2" Angle
  • Uprights: 1.5" x 1.5" Angle
  • Uprights Height: 11"
  • Top Rail: 2" x 2" Angle
  • Sides: Open
  • Tongue: 3" Channel A-Frame
  • Coupler: 2" A-Frame
  • Jack: 2,000 lb. Rated Top Wind
  • Tires: 13" ST175X13
  • Wheels: White Mod
Capacity and construction varies by model. See individual model information pages for complete details.


6' x 8' 2.4K Utility Trailer
  • Model: 6X8GW13
  • Overall W x L: 95" x 145"
  • Bed W x L: 76" x 96"
  • Gate W x H: 72" x 49"
  • Empty Weight: 600 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity: 1,800 lbs.
  • Floor: Wood, Treated 2x8

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Expand what you can haul with a utility trailer. Dropping off old furniture? Easy. Camping with friends? Of course. Moving bulk material from worksite to worksite? No problem. From point A to B, our utility trailers offer the versatility you need to haul belongings from one place to another without hassle.


We're committed to creating utility trailers that are easy to use and safer to unload and load—no matter what you're hauling. Ready for anything, their open design gives you the opportunity to haul cargo of any shape and strap it down using its many, accessible tie-down points.


Built to handle smaller loads of cargo, our lightweight and maneuverable single-axle trailers are perfect for a wide range of hauling jobs that demand agility.