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3K Pipe Top Rail Steel Sides Utility Trailer

The steel sides of this durable trailer offer additional security for your gear, and gives you more options to haul loose material like dirt or mulch. The pipe-top rail design enhances an already sturdy frame, and it delivers a bolder, stronger look out on the road. But it doesn't just look strong, it is strong, ready to take on your hauling tasks.

Available Sizes

  • 5.5' x 8'
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  • GVWRGroup Copy 2?: 2,990 lbs.
  • Empty Weight: 930 lbs.
  • Payload CapacityGroup Copy 2?: 2,060 lbs.
  • Leaf Springs: 3
  • Frame: 3" x 2" Angle
  • Uprights: 2" x 2" Angle
  • Uprights Height: 17"
  • Top Rail: 2-3/8" Pipe
  • Tongue: 3" Channel A-Frame
  • Coupler: 2" A-Frame
  • Jack: 2,000 lb. Rated Top Wind
  • Tires: 15" ST205x15
  • Wheels: White Mod
Capacity and construction varies by model. See individual model information pages for complete details.


5.5' x 8' 3K Pipe Top Rail Steel Sides Utility Trailer
  • Model: 5.5X8SSGPTLED
  • Overall W x L: 85" x 145"
  • Bed W x L: 66" x 96"
  • Gate W x H: 63" x 49"
  • Empty Weight: 930 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity: 2,060 lbs.
  • Floor: Wood, Treated 2x8

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Expand what you can haul with a utility trailer. Dropping off old furniture? Easy. Camping with friends? Of course. Moving bulk material from worksite to worksite? No problem. From point A to B, our utility trailers offer the versatility you need to haul belongings from one place to another without hassle.


Great for carrying heavy, bulk material such as stones and soil, steel sides provide a stronger, more durable construction that securely holds in cargo and prevents loss during transport.


Adding durability and a quality appearance to a trailer's frame, a full-seam welded tube top rail delivers lasting reliability while making it easy to attach accessories (such as a trimmer track) to the trailer's frame.