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We offer a limited warranty when you document your purchase with us. Our utility trailers are warranted in normal use for a period of one year on structure and other components. Our enclosed trailers are warranted in normal use for a period of three years for structure, and one year for other components. Components warranted by their manufacturer are excluded from this warranty.

No. We only sell through authorized dealers and retail outlets.

The VIN label is located on the driver’s side tongue or the front of the frame. On enclosed trailers it may be found on the driver’s side front corner of the wall.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please fill out our Dealer Inquiry Form.

Visit our consumer resources section to download our trailer manuals.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is maximum total weight of the fully loaded trailer including cargo. This weight rating must never be exceeded.

The Gross Axle Weight Rating is maximum total weight to be carried by a single axle. This weight rating must never be exceeded.

Maximum payload capacity is the difference between the GVWR and the empty weight of the trailer. For example, GVWR of 2,990 lbs. – empty trailer weight of 900 lbs. = maximum payload capacity of 2,090 lbs.

No. Maximum payload capacity assumes an evenly distributed load. If your load is confined to a limited space on the trailer, maximum payload capacity is less than listed. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper loading.

Tongue weight is the amount of the trailer’s weight that is transferred to the tow vehicle through the coupler. As a rule of thumb, we estimate the tongue weight to be 10 to 15% for bumper pull trailers and 20 to 25% for gooseneck trailers.

Your owner’s and axle manuals are the best source for the care and use of your trailer. If you need a replacement manual, visit our consumer resources section to download our trailer manuals.

Visit our website at for available trailers with their features, specifications, available options, and replacement parts. Download our catalog from the customer resources section.

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