How to Determine Your Trailer Tow Limit

Towing a trailer may seem like a simple process. You hitch your trailer to your vehicle, load your cargo, and hit the road, right? Not quite. In order to tow a trailer safely, you must know how to properly hitch it as well as the best way to load your trailer, how to maintain safety […] more

What Are Breakaway Brakes? Why Do I Need Them?

Towing a trailer safely is more than knowing how to properly load, haul, and maintain your trailer. It also involves knowing about all the parts of your trailer that are essential for safe operations, like the breakaway brakes system. A trailer can become disconnected from its tow vehicle in a number of ways. From accidents […] more

How to Grease Your Trailer

Knowing how to tow your trailer safely is only part of being a responsible trailer owner. Making sure your trailer is well-maintained is an essential step in keeping your trailer in good condition and fit for towing. Learning how to grease your trailer is an important part of your routine trailer maintenance. We always recommend […] more

Tips for Accelerating and Braking While Towing

Accelerating and braking aren’t the same when you are towing a trailer behind your vehicle. With the additional weight of your trailer and any cargo you are hauling, as well as the length of your trailer, acceleration is slower and your stopping distance is increased. In order to tow as safely as possible, it’s important […] more

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